What are services like?

The people of God meet regularly with Him, both individually in the study of the Bible and in prayer as well as together in small and large groups. On Sundays, our church gets together as a whole family to worship God through singing, studying from the Bible, and communion. We welcome you to join us, where you’ll find welcoming, loving people, a comfortable, relaxed attitude, and a family caring for each other. Click HERE to hear sermon audio.

Worship Style

Worship is not just music. It is a tool that we use to express our love and devotion to Him. Worship also consists of reading Scripture, prayer, preaching and even communion. If you leave out prayer, you are leaving out a vital component. If you are not using Scripture and only sing songs, you are not worshipping God with the best that He has given you. Music is one component and tool that we can use to express our love for Him. Music is very important as it has the power to move us emotionally that the other components may not do.

Typical Attire

We’re more concerned with getting to know you than how you're dressed. People here come in anything from suits to jeans. So, you can wear just about anything and blend in. Our stance on dress code is "please do".

Child Care

Our kids check-in is located in the Kid's cabin. We have groups tailored to each age group lead by loving volunteers and staff who have completed background checks. Please check in your child at our check-in kiosk. Each child and parent will receive coordinated stickers that will be needed for pick-up. After check-in, we will help you find the class that's right for your children.